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Education is the key to human resources development. It is also the most important input for their empowerment emancipation and realization of their potential. It is most important for children. If children are deprived of education, they remain deprived from the opportunities to realize their hidden potentials.

Today in our country, millions of children are deprived from education. The overwhelming majority of such children belong to different socio-economically disadvantaged groups. And children belonging to such groups even do not have opportunity of access to schools and institutions. These children need education but they cannot get it owning to lack of resources. They are those who can do much more in their lives but are restricted because their parents do not have resources to support them.

In this background the foundation is endeavouring to mobilize resources so that children in rural and urban areas get access to education. One of the main objectives of the foundation is to bring education to both the children and adults.

About Us

Triniketan Foundation for Development was established in 2018. The main aim of the Foundation is to work for the upliftment of the socio-economically disadvantaged sections of the society, especially women, children, differently abled and unemployed people. Since its inception, the Foundation has been engaged in creating awareness among people about social security schemes and programs, labour legislations, health issues, human rights, skill development, etc. The Foundation has a number of dedicated volunteers/activists who are devoting their times and resources for different socially useful works.  The Foundation is adopting villages and mohallas for its development, especially education and economic, by providing information on various issues.


The main mission of the organization is to provide an ambience to one and all to develop his/her potentials. The following are the mission statements:

To enhance human capabilities by education, training and research for all round development of the society by directing activities by analyzing the critical problems and indicating and undertaking appropriate and sustainable solution.


The visions of the Foundation have been outlined as below:

  • To develop the Foundation into a center of excellence: for human and physical resources development of the country by the state of art education, training and research.
  • To shape policy and programs for peoples’ inclusive participation in development.
  • To foster an environment of peace, harmony freedom and equality.

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Our Aims and Objectives

  • To develop human and physical resources of the country.
  • To conduct Educational Research and training (both soft and technical).
  • To participate and help the people in implementation of development programmes in the country.
  • To create awareness programmes on relevant social and economic issues.
  • To organize workshops and seminars on topical Issues relating to country’s peaceful and inclusive development.
  • To establish institutes and organizations for education, research and training.
  • To organize health and wellness programmes for the socio-economically disadvantaged group especially women and children,
  • To develop network with like-minded civil society organizations for sharing knowledge,
  • To empower women and men with skills, knowledge and resources for proper development,
  • To protect, promote and preserve environment in the country,
  • To undertake traditional and action research for enhancing development process of the country,
  • To undertake consultancy services,
  • To publish books, journals, newsletters, pamphlets for dissemination of knowledge and information for the development of the society,
  • To help farmers and agricultural workers with knowledge and skill to enhance their ability/activities.
  • To undertake such activities which the Foundation may deem fit in order to fulfill and realize the objectives stated above.

Our Capacity

Human Resource: Triniketan Foundation for Development has adequate human resource capacity in terms of deliverables, like imparting training and education in different areas, for instance, pedagogical training for teachers, educators, and activists engaged in different social and development efforts in the country. The Foundation can undertake and conduct programs in most effective manners for different stakeholders.

The Foundation has a group of experts who can be engaged for such activities in any part of the country. The Foundation also has a network of academicians and activists in different parts of the country, whose services could be available for such activities.

The Foundation can undertake research work in different fields in social sciences and humanities. The Foundation has a group of researchers who have proven record and experience in conducting researches sponsored by both the Government and Non-Government organizations in the country.

The Foundation has also experts who can take up Action Research both at field or plant levels.

Types of educational and training programs which the Foundation can undertake are as below:

  • Capacity building and empowerment programs
  • Leadership skill development programs
  • Personal effectiveness programs
  • Human resource development programs
  • Gender issues
  • Organization development
  • Legal awareness
  • Rural labour camp
  • Training for development agents
  • Awareness about social security programs
  • Awareness about development programs and schemes
  • Skill development

In addition, the Foundation can also undertake diagnostic studies related to organizational development.

Study materials

The Foundation is also developing relevant study and information materials on different topics. The materials also will be available both in print and electronic form. The materials on women’s development, social and labour laws and leadership skills, etc. are under preparation.


The Foundation had developed network with a number of Trade Unions and Civil Society Organizations. It intends to share its expertise with different sister organizations.

Mobile Training

The Foundation feels that there are many stakeholders who cannot attend programs during usual working hours due to their work schedule. As a result, such groups remain deprived from education and training opportunities.

Keeping this in view, the Foundation will be initiating mobile education and training facilities.

To undertake any of the above activities, we seek guidance in the form of financial and material assistance from our sympathizers and well-wishers.

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